This one can get tricky. It’s like signing up for an online game, trying to come up with a perfect name can take up to hours. But this is much more important than a name in some game because while wanting it to sound cool and catchy, it also must represent you. Take as much time as you need with this part and use your imagination, because once the blog is out, there is no more changing the name, it can destroy your publicity. For example, imagine if Nike was to change its brand name, you could just think about what would happen to them. So, think twice before clicking the accept button. Make your blog look professional. People who barely know how to use a computer live from blogging, so no need to be afraid. Blog hosting websites offer you a lot of different options to choose from web designing your blog and when managing your blog. Take some time and slide through it, it’s always good to know what possibilities you got. If still in a need of some help we provide services to make one for you, visit www.zabdesign.com. just Don’t rush it, your blog is like your workshop, if not taken care of, publicity will surely drop.

Looking at it as a business!

We are hitting that final point and the question still remains „How to make money from a blog? “, when neither Instagram nor Blog hosting service won’t pay you just for your publicity. But the thing is you still got a bunch of loyal followers behind you and that number will only grow as a time passes. Having such publicity is a true power. You help people that follow you and they will help you back. And answer to that is “affiliate marketing”. I’ll explain it to you if you’ve never heard of it before. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. In other words, by signing up for an affiliate program, the network provides you with a merchant’s link to some item they sell. Now if someone (let’s call them customer) where to buy that item using a link you were provided by affiliate; you get paid in commission. The percentage of commission will vary between different affiliate programs or networks. Affiliate marketing was invented so big companies and brands could popularize themselves and to help people promoting them earn some cash in the process. Fashion brands are just a little part of the whole affiliate marketing system, there are affiliate programs based on fitness, health, drugs, plants, tobacco, etc. You see where I’m going with this, bloggers and promoters all around the world live from affiliate marketing. That’s how influencers like yourself found out they can make a living by doing what they love and helping their loyal followers. There are huge affiliate programs based only on what is your niche, even some of the world-known stores got their own affiliate programs.

So now comes blogging as a key part of everything, it’s a place that connects your followers to your affiliate links. Don’t be hasty and just put them in posts without thinking, your followers need to trust you, blog posts don’t have to belong, it’s even better if they’re not, all you need to do is write down your thoughts about clothes you promote, even add some tips or a little story but don’t exaggerate. Keep it short, fun, and easy to understand. One more thing, never promote something you wouldn’t usually wear, don’t lie to your followers, their trust is everything.

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